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STAY-PUT Seat Belt Buckle System

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1. Two seat belts in one: The Stay-Put seat belt buckle looks and operates the same as any standard seat belt buckle that is used today when the Security system is not in operation.

2. Simple to use: Once the driver of the vehicle has switched the dashboard module on, he/she will be able to activate/deactivate any of the security controlled buckles by pressing any of the selected buckle push buttons.

3. Accident Safety Feature: In the event of an accident: A resetable Inertia safety cut out switch (which is an important safety feature of this system) will deactivate the security system, reverting the buckle/ buckles back to their normal seat belt buckle operation.

4. Passenger Safety: This security system has been designed so it can never remain, or stay, in a secured position if there is no power going to the security unit. Once this happens, these seatbelts will always return to normal seatbelt operation

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